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Ableidinger, Markus

Variance reduction techniques for the numerical simulation of the stochastic heat equation

Ahmad, Mian Ilyas

Implicit Volterra Series Interpolation for Model Reduction of Bilinear Systems

Alonso-Mallo, Isaias

Geometric integration and absorbing boundary conditions

Altmann, Robert

Operator DAEs with Noise Appearing in Fluid Dynamics

Anwar, Mohamed-Naim

Delayed SIR Epidemic Model with a Saturated Incidence Rate

Arnold, Martin

Coupled error propagation in terms of vector valued error terms

Bader, Philipp

Volume Preservation by Runge-Kutta Methods

Baum, Ann-Kristin

A flow-on-manifold formulation of DAEs. Application to positive systems.

Beigel, Dörte

Efficient goal-oriented global error estimation for BDF-type methods

Bezglasnyi, Sergey

Analytic and numerical solutions to the problem of double pendulum stabilization

Boltze, Lothar

Botchev, Mike

Exponential Krylov subspace time integration for nanophotonics applications

Bourchtein, Andrei

Time-Splitting Scheme for Nonhydrostatic Atmospheric Model

Bourchtein, Ludmila

On grid generation for numerical schemes of atmospheric models

Braś, Michał

Implicit–explicit general linear methods with inherent Runge–Kutta stability

Bruder, Jürgen

Buckwar, Evelyn

Stochastic Numerics and Stability Issues

Burger, Michael

Function Space Optimal Control Methods for Tracking Problems in Vehicle Engineering

Butcher, John

The construction of high order G-symplectic methods

Bürger, Raimund

Linearly implicit methods for a class of degenerate convection-diffusion problems

Caliari, Marco

Splitting methods for the Schrödinger equation with vector potential

Cano, Begoña

Avoiding order reduction when integrating nonlinear Schroedinger equation

Celledoni, Elena

Geometric methods for differential equations in applications of computer animation

Chistyakova, Elena

Error Control in Solving Differential Algebraic Equations of High Order

Christara, Christina

PDE pricing of financial instruments with stochastic correlation

Cohen, David

Multi-symplectic discretisation of wave map equations

D'Ambrosio, Raffaele

Trigonometrically fitted numerical methods for reaction-diffusion problems

de la Cruz, Hugo

On the construction of explicit exponential-based schemes for stiff Stochastic Differential Equations

Debrabant, Kristian

High order finite difference schemes for obstacle problems

Descombes, Stéphane

Locally implicit and implicit discontinuous Galerkin time domain method for electromagnetic wave propagation in dispersive media

Duran, Angel

On the numerical solution of generalized Ostrovsky equations

Düring, Bertram

High-order compact finite difference schemes for option pricing in stochastic volatility models

Einkemmer, Lukas

Overcoming order reduction in diffusion-reaction splitting

Estévez Schwarz, Diana

Consistent initialization of DAEs using a specific minimum-norm correction

Faleichik, Boris

Accelerating convergence of Generalized Picard Iterations

Feng, Lihong

Model Reduction of Quadratic Bilinear Descriptor Systems using Parametric Reduction Techniques with Error Estimation

Fiedler, Robert

Hydrodynamic force elements: A PDAE approach

Frank, Jason

Enforcing power-law kinetic energy spectra under conservative discretizations of fluids

Führer, Claus

Algebraic Variables in Higher Index DAEs

Gerisch, Alf

Gonzalez-Pinto, Severiano

Some families of W-methods to stabilize standard explicit Runge-Kutta methods for stiff problems

Grimm, Volker

Resolvent Krylov subspace approximation to C0-semigroups and their discretisations

Grote, Marcus

High-Order Explicit Local Time-Stepping Methods For Wave Propagation

Göckler, Tanja

A convergence analysis for the shift-and-invert Krylov method

Ha, Phi

On the numerical solutions of linear delay differential-algebraic equations

Hachtel, Christoph

On Coupled MOR-Multirate Schemes: Derivation and Error Analysis

Hansen, Eskil

Hante, Stefan

Lie Group time integration of a nonlinear geometrically exact Cosserat rod model

Hell, Tobias

Improvement of dimension splitting methods

Hendricks, Christian

High-Order-Compact ADI schemes for pricing basket options in the combination technique

Henningsson, Erik

Convergence analyses of the Peaceman–Rachford and Douglas–Rachford Schemes for Semilinear Evolution Equations

Herter, Rainer

Hesthaven, Jan

High-order accurate methods for fractional differential equations

Heuer, Christof

High-order compact schemes for parabolic problems with mixed derivatives in multiple space dimensions with application to basket options

Horváth, Zoltán

Classical and novel analysis of positive invariance and strong stability preserving time integrators

Hundsdorfer, Willem

Høiseth, Eirik Hoel

Structure preserving discretization of port-Hamiltonian systems

Ibrahim, Fatma

Stabilized Extended One-Step Schemes for Stiff and Non-Stiff Delay Differential Equations

in 't Hout, Karel

Convergence of ADI schemes for two-dimensional convection-diffusion equations with mixed derivative term

Jax, Tim

Generalized ROW-Type Methods for Solving Semi-Explicit DAEs of Index-1

Kandolf, Peter

The backward error of the Leja method

Khorshidi, Korosh

Exact PDE close-form solution of the vibrating rectangular nanoplates using nonlocal trigonometric shear deformation plate theory

Klinge, Marcel

Explicit peer methods with variable nodes

Klöppel, Michael

A parallelization approach for the simulation of large scale multibody systems

Knoth, Oswald

Split-explicit methods with a large number of explicit stages

Kocsis, Tihamér Albert

Optimal second-order diagonally implicit SSP Runge–Kutta methods

Kolpakov, Alexander

Influence of defect between closely placed disks on their capacity

Kraus, Michael

Geometric Integration of Degenerate Lagrangian Systems

Krämer, Patrick

Efficient time integration of the Maxwell-Klein-Gordon equation in the non-relativistic limit regime

Kulikov, Gennady

Embedded Nested Implicit Runge-Kutta Pairs of Gauss and Lobatto Types with Global Error Control for Stiff Ordinary Differential Equations

Kulikova, Maria

Global Error Control in Nonlinear Kalman Filtering Algorithms

Kumar, Vikas

Numerical solutions of time-dependent KdV type system via the Lie group method

Kværnø, Anne

On stochastic Runge-Kutta methods preservinq quadratic invariants

Köbis, Markus

Newmark type time integration methods for strongly damped mechanical systems

Lamour, René

Lang, Jens

On Global Error Estimation and Control for Stiff Initial Value Problems

Leok, Melvin

Space-Time Finite-Element Exterior Calculus and Variational Discretizations of Gauge Field Theories

Lima, Pedro

An Algorithm with Global Error Control for the Numerical Solution of the Generalized Density Profile Equation

Luan, Vu Thai

Parallel exponential Rosenbrock methods

Marszalek, Wieslaw

Jounce Newtonian equations for oscillating memristive circuits

Martínez, Vicente

A numerical technique for applying time splitting methods in shallow water equations.

Mehrmann, Volker

The Index of DAEs, Science or Religion

Melosik, Michal

On the 0/1 test for chaos for continuous ODEs: resonance, oversampling and frequency properties.

Meyer, Tobias

Error estimation approach for controlling the comunication step size for semi-implicit co-simulation methods

Mohammadi, Fatemeh

A Family of Runge-Kutta Restarters for Discontinuous ODEs

März, Roswitha

New answers to an old question: Essential underlying ODE versus inherent explicit ODE

Natale, Andrea

Nonholonomic mechanics for perfect fluids

Naumann, Andreas

Extended defect corrected averaging for highly oscillatory PDEs

Ngnotchouye, Jean Medard

Weak convergence for a stochastic exponential integrator and finite element discretization of SPDE for multiplicative and additive noise

Niroomand Rad, Helia

Operator Index Reduction in Electromagnetism

Németh, Adrián

Existence and optimality of SSP linear multistep methods: a duality-based approach

Ostermann, Alexander

A splitting approach for the KdV and KP equations

Pade, Jonas

Cosimulation Convergence Criteria for Hessenberg DAEs of Index 2

Pandit, Sapna

Haar Wavelet Operational Matrix Method for Solving a System of Fractional Differential Equations with nonlinear uncertain parameters

Pareschi, Lorenzo

Asymptotic-preserving methods and differential algebraic equations

Paschkowski, Manuela

Unique solutions of initial value problems for mechanical systems with redundant unilateral constraints

Perminov, Valeriy

Numerical solution of three dimensional conjugate problems of forest fires spread

Podhaisky, Helmut

Effective order Runge–Kutta methods with free output

Prugger, Martina

On the parallel implementation of numerical schemes for the hyperbolic Euler equations

Pulch, Roland

The Hankel norm for quadrature methods applied to random dynamical systems

Rahimkhani, Parisa

Application of Bernoulli polynomials for solving fractional Riccati differential equations

Rakin, SergeI I.

Rang, Joachim

Adaptive timestep control for high order implicit Runge-Kutta methods

Rattenbury, Nicolette

Reguera, Nuria

How to avoid order reduction when Lawson methods are used to solve linear initial boundary value problems

Rihan, Fathalla

Stabilized Numerical Schemes for Singularly Perturbed Delay Differential Equations

Romero, Ignacio

Structure-preserving integrators for smooth and non-smooth thermomechanical problems

Sandu, Adrian

Multi-methods for time discretization of evolutionary PDEs

Schmitt, Bernhard A.

Efficient A-stable peer two-step methods

Schneider, Fabio

Influence of spatial discretization of flexible structures on the stability of coupled simulations

Schröder, Dirk

Space adaptive linearly implicit two-step peer methods for time-dependent PDEs

Simeon, Bernd

Non-smoooth contact dynamics for the large-scale simulation of granular material

Soleimani, Behnam

A class of implicit peer methods

Soll, Tino

Sample Selection Approaches in Parameterized Model Order Reduction

Steinebach, Gerd

Strehmel, Karl

Thalhammer, Andreas

Computational mean-square stability analysis for linear systems of SODEs

Tischendorf, Caren

Perturbation Analysis of hyperbolic PDAEs

Toivanen, Jari

IMEX Schemes for Pricing Options under Jump-Diffusion Models

Trzaska, Zdzislaw

Unger, Benjamin

Regularization of linear time-varying delay differential-algebraic equations

Usman, Mustapha

Numerical solution of Euler-Bernoulli beam subjected to concentrated load

von Sydow, Lina

Forward option pricing using Gaussian RBFs

Weiner, Rüdiger

Global error control with peer methods

Wensch, Jörg

TVD-based Finite Volume Methods for Sound-Advection-Buoyancy Systems

Wieloch, Victoria

Variable step size implementation of a generalized-α Lie group integrator

Wolke, Ralf

Wyns, Maarten

Convergence analysis of the Modified Craig-Sneyd scheme for two-dimensional convection-diffusion equations with nonsmooth initial data
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